Treating Psoriasis With Apple Cider Vinegar

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Treating Psoriasis

We usually use vinegar in our kitchen when we are preparing salads or other such recipes and not for treating a skin disease like psoriasis. Its use for curing psoriasis is also very common and widely used. It is quite unbelievable for most people though that something so simple can treat psoriasis.

Even there are proof from history that shows the use of apple cider vinegar (ACV) for cosmetic purposes as well as for different skin issues. In Egypt its use dates back to 3000 BC in Egyptian urns and Romans used it as wound disinfectant and healing purposes during the time of American civil war. Also, the use of ACV was in fashion during the 19th century, when essential oils used to be included in its bottle and was sold as vinegar de toilette. Nowadays, there are no perfumes that include vinegar in it. Its smell is not a pleasant one but in order to treat your psoriasis you definitely need to tolerate it. You can find number of testimonials in forums and books according to which use of apple cider vinegar is good for reducing inflammation of psoriatic arthritis and itchiness, it also alleviates scalp psoriasis.

ACV is capable of managing the pH levels of body so that it becomes more alkaline and this is a good psoriasis treatment method. As per many theories, this is quite helpful as psoriasis associated to an acidic body condition. The disturbance in pH results from consuming acidic foods. If the pH levels in the digestive tract increases then “leaky gut syndrome” can occur in which toxins are released through skin and this is actually the starting stage of psoriasis.

It can be used both externally and internally as psoriasis treatment. External use of ACV can be done by taking a vinegar bath thrice a week. As a result you can calm the effects of psoriasis all you’re your body. In bath tub filled with lukewarm water add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar. Add lavender oil to be able to tolerate the smell of vinegar. Soak in tub for half an hour and then take quick shower.

You can dab it on the affected parts of the body and the best time to do it is evening and then leave it overnight. Use the diluted one when you apply it on your face. Lastly, if you want to use it for toenail or fingernail psoriasis then soak your nails in ACV for 5 minutes; as a result the quality of nails will improve too.

Apple cider vinegar is an economical treatment for psoriasis and it does not take more than 2 weeks to improve your skin condition. Maybe you will be included in the list of those individuals who got relief for psoriasis from acid cider vinegar. Now, think about how useful vinegar can be for your skin beside its use in different recipes.

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